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Eye Pressure Testing.

Nearly all methods of measuring eye pressure (intraocular pressure or IOP) are based on the assumption that all corneas are the same thickness. They use a “standard eye” figure of 0.52mm corneal thickness.

Research has found that this figure is not accurate for many patients. If you have a thin cornea, your optometrist or doctor will find his instruments will give an artificially low reading. Conversely, a thick cornea will give an artificially high reading. If you have had refractive surgery, your cornea will be thin. The resultant eye pressure check from then onwards will be falsely low.

It is therefore imperative that all patients have their corneal thickness measured at the same time as their intraocular pressure.

At Martin Ingram Opticians we have invested heavily in the latest technology to do just this and feed the information through our computers to ensure all measurements are true and accurate.

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