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Spectacle Dispensing.

Being an independant optician means that we can stock a huge range and variety of spectacles both for fashion and utility. We estimate that we stock over a thousand different frames that can be made up on site, within an hour (where possible). We stock too many brands to list, but hold most of the major manufacturer’s frames.  Our NIDEK computer controlled lens lathe enables us to produce spectacles extremely quickly and accurately.

We specialise in complex prescriptions including all modern varifocals. We proudly stock (amongst others) Rodenstock frames and lenses which manufactured to the highest standards in Germany. We are also Nikon partners and use their state of the art computerised scanner to order your Nikon lenses online saving you money and meaning that you get your glasses faster.

We also stock a substantial range of budget frames as well as children’s fashion frames.

Spectacle Dispensing Area

Spectacle Dispensing Area